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Welcome, Scholars!

Whether you are a researcher with a .edu email address, a victim of reputational attacks, or simply one of the many students of life and society researching the phenomenon of Internet savagery, you are welcome here.  The purpose of this site is to provide a searchable database of information pertinent to your area of interest.  Think of it as an extremely purified solution of information that is rich in the search terms that are bubbling through your mind when the topic of your interest is online abuse.  By typing search terms into the box below, rather than into the general Google search engine, you will be dipping your sampling tube into a much richer source of relevant information, and you will be able to see which and how many writers are discussing the same topic, reaching a consensus or divergence of opinions, etc.  So crank up your thinking cap and start punching in search terms.  And remember, when you find what you want, and write your own piece on the topic, a good scholar quotes accurately, provides meaningful context, identifies the author of the original source, and links back to the page where the quote was drawn from, so other scholars can benefit from your research.  Thus, your research will become part of the greater accumulation of knowledge on the topic, complete the cycle of honest information exchange by which we all grow richer.